Title 2: Membership



2.1. Eligibility for Regular Membership. Regular Membership in the Corporation is open to any natural person eighteen (18) years of age or older who: (1) bear the surname of Keith, or one of the following sept names, however spelled: Austin, Dickson, Dixon, Falconer, Harvey, Haxton, Hervey, Kite, Lumgair, MacKeith, Marshall, Urie or any other sept names, however spelled, that may be approved by the Chief of Clan; (2) have a paternal or maternal ancestor whose surname was Keith or any of its accepted sept names; and (3) who has paid the requisite fees and dues is to be considered an active member in good standing and may exercise voting rights in the Corporation, as defined in this title 2 of the bylaws.

2.2. Application and election to Regular Membership. Any natural person interested in election to regular membership in the Corporation will submit a completed written application for membership on a form adopted by the board of directors and tender payment of the initial dues as specified in Section 2.10 of these bylaws, to the Treasurer. Should the application and fee satisfy the requirements for election to regular membership in the Corporation, the Treasurer will promptly certify the application for election to the Secretary of the Corporation for entry on the membership roster. Each regular member is to be categorized as either an individual member under Section 2.3 of these bylaws, or as a family member under Section 2.4 of these bylaws. Whenever an issue concerning the application for election to membership of any person arises, that application and any other pertinent information is referred to the board of directors for action, subject to further review or direction by the membership of the Corporation.

2.3. Individual Membership Category. All regular members who are not eligible to be categorized as a family member are to be categorized as an individual member.

2.4. Family Membership Category. For the purpose of categorizing family memberships under this section, each person who submits an application for election to regular membership under Section 2.2 of these bylaws and includes any other persons residing in that person's household, is referred to as a "primary applicant." When a primary applicant specifically includes on the application form that person's spouse, children or any other persons residing full-time in that primary applicant's household, then the application is treated as one for a family membership. A family membership application shall identify each member by name and birthdate. Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years who is included in primary applicant's household is to be categorized as an associate regular member, who will have all rights and privileges of membership, other than the right to vote.

2.5. Life Membership Category. A person who otherwise qualifies as a regular member, but who elects to pay a single contribution of $250.00 in lieu of annual dues. Life Members are eligible to vote and hold office.

2.6. Associate Member Category. A person who does not qualify for regular membership, but who indicates an interest in Clan Keith Society, USA, Inc. and its objectives. Nominees for associate membership shall be proposed to and approved by the Board of Directors. Associate Members will pay dues but are not eligible to vote or hold office.

2.7. Honorary Member Category. A person who has rendered special service to the Society, or has otherwise distinguished himself. Nominees for honorary membership shall be proposed to and approved by the Board of Directors. An Honorary Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold office and is not required to pay dues. Honorary Memberships in the Society will be limited to ten (10).

2.8. Good Standing and Active Status. In order to be an active member in good standing, qualified to act in the business of the Corporation, each regular member, in both individual and household membership categories, must (1) be at least eighteen (18) years of age; and (2) have paid the Corporation's annual fee for the current calendar year to the Treasurer. Annual fees are due on January 1 of each year; however, payment of annual fees are considered timely if made by March 1 of each year. Only active members in good standing have the right to vote, each member having one (1) vote.

2.9. Suspension from Active Status; Termination.

  1. Any membership whose annual fee payment is not received by the Treasurer prior to March 1 of a given year is to be considered suspended from active status without further notice and not in good standing until the annual fee in arrears is paid to the Corporation. If the payment is not made by July 1 of that year, that particular membership will be automatically terminated by the Secretary, and the member(s) stricken from the membership roster without further notice. Any member who has been either suspended or terminated has no voting rights.

  2. Any membership may be terminated only for stated cause other than for failure to pay the annual fee only by a procedure that is fair, reasonable and carried out in good faith. Motions to terminate membership are initiated by the board of directors, and must be approved by an affirmative vote of a majority of all of the members of the Corporation. At least fifteen days prior to the membership meeting at which the board plans to present its motion for termination, the board shall send a notice by first class certified mail, return receipt requested, to the person whose membership it proposes to terminate, advising that member of the intended action, stating the reasons termination of membership is proposed, and providing to the member a full opportunity to respond to the statement provided by the board, and for the right to be heard by the membership before any vote is taken. Any termination of a member approved by the members of the Corporation shall not take effect for five days after the membership vote to approve the termination. Any member who has been terminated remains obligated to the Corporation for any charges, assessments, dues fees or amount that is outstanding as of the date the membership is terminated.

2.10. Dues Assessment.

  1. The initial dues paid with the application for election to regular membership are as follows:

    Individual: $ 25.00 per calendar year or $40.00 for two years;
    Family: $ 30.00 per calendar year pr $50.00 for two years; and
    Lifetime: $250.00 / single payment

  2. The annual fee paid by each regular membership for each calendar year after the calendar year that membership is elected is as follows:

    Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

2.11. Resignation from Membership. Any member of the Corporation may resign their membership in the Corporation by a written notice to the Secretary, with no refund, rebate, or rescission of dues or fees. Any member who resigns his membership remains obligated to the Corporation for any charges, assessments, dues fees or amount that is outstanding as of the date the member resigned.