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The variety of surnames within a Scottish clan do not represent separate and definable sub-clans but instead reflect the vagaries of transition of the Gaels into the English naming system as well as marriages, migrations and occupations. The Scots Gaelic for Clan Keith is Ceiteach.

Many who belong to Clan Keith do not bear the Keith surname. Some descend through a maternal line. Others derive from genetic Keiths who assumed different surnames, and still others come from families which gathered under the banner of the Clan Keith in early times and are considered equal to Keiths in their belonging. Clansmen of the latter two definitions derive from what are called "septs". They include:

Austin, Cate(s), Dickson, Dixon, Dixson, Dick, Falconer, Faulkner, Harvey, Hackston, Haxton, Hervey, Hurrie, Hurry, Keath, Keech, Keeth, Keyth, Kite, Lumgair, MacKeith, Marshall, Urie, Urry

These names are included in Tartan for Me by Phillip D. Smith of Heritage Books, Inc., 7th Edition, 1998. Check this book for other spellings. There are several spellings for Keith, e.g. Kieth, Keeth, Keath and Keth.

If you have genealogical ties to any of the above families, you maybe a born member of Clan Keith. Our Society would be delighted for you to join us as a member as we seek to promote Clan Keith worldwide. Contact our Secretary or Convener in your area for additional information and for membership applications, or go to the membership section of this website.


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