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The Castles of Scotland by Martin Coventry, 1995

Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland, edited by John Keay & Julia Keay, 1994

Scotland: The Story of a Nation by Magnus Magnusson, 2000

Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia by George Way of Plean and Rommilly Squire, 1994.

Scottish Roots: A step-by-step guide for ancestor-hunters by Alwyn James, 1981 and 1995

So You're Going to Wear the Kilt by J. Charles Thompson, 3rd ed, 1989




Nothing But My Sword by Sam Coull, 2000

The Scottish Commander by Peter Reese, 1999. (There is a chapter about James Francis Edward Keith)

Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keeth Families in North America by Larry Keith

Falconer of Halterton Falconer of Halterton by Paul Gifford, Heritage: 1997.

Keith Family by Frances B. Burrows




We recommend everything by Nigel Tranter, but his The Bruce Trilogy mentions a number of early Keiths including Sir Robert de Keith that fought at Bannockburn


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